Dear ICCA friends

The international meetings industry is in a time of systematic change, driven by global political and economic factors. Every day as ICCA members we see our clients, the associations we serve, seeking new ways of working to meet these challenges.

For our association, it is also a time of change. ICCA is at a turning point in its history but stands in a position of strength to embrace the transformation required to safeguard its culture, its values and to provide competitive advantage to all its members in whichever region of the globe they operate.

ICCA has played a huge part in my working life and has helped transform ExCeL London from being a national to an international venue. As a Chapter Chair, Board Member and now a Vice President, ICCA has given me the opportunity to build a global network of industry professionals and learn about the business and cultural differences that exist across the world.

I now feel a personal responsibility to support ICCA in its transformation and am therefore standing as a candidate to be your next ICCA President. It will be important for members to understand as much as possible about their President and this website sets out to let you know WHO I am, WHY I am so passionate about ICCA and WHERE I see ICCA’s future in the years ahead.

I believe I have the passion, the experience and the commitment to lead the Board of Directors and support ICCA management to continue the growth and success of our great association. With the total support of my employers, my wife and family and by ICCA professionals from around the world including 2 Past-Presidents, I will dedicate my time and energy to ensure ICCA’s future is secure.

It would be an honour to serve as your next President and I thank you for considering me when you place your vote at the election in Dubai.



In my working life, I am the Executive Director of ExCeL London, our city’s major convention and exhibition centre. This role requires deep understanding of the congress and convention industry as well as the management skills to adapt ExCeL to meet the needs of a changing global market.

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  • Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri

    “I truly believe he will lead ICCA onto greater achievements.”

  • Leigh Harry

    “He has the attitude, energy, skills and commitment to lead the Board of Directors and ICCA.”

  • Diane Waldron

    “James is absolutely committed to making ICCA the best it can be.”

  • Michel Couturier

    “James Rees is the leader ICCA needs.”

  • Dirk Elzinga

    “He most certainly would also serve ICCA well as President.”

  • Roslyn McLeod

    “James will serve the ICCA membership well across the world.”

  • Christian Mutschlechner

    “James in my opinion qualifies to be the leader for our association in these times of change.”

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