Building on ICCA’s core values

With the change of leadership provided by a new CEO and President, ICCA has a fantastic opportunity to adapt and enhance its services to members by embracing and developing the unique skillsets and talents that already exist within ICCA’s global team. By fully harnessing these strengths, ICCA can and will remain the leading voice within the associations industry around the world.

ICCA now has turnover of over €5million and as members we should have high expectations that our funds are being used effectively. A growing association events industry will benefit all members around the world and it is my belief (supported by my discussions with ICCA’s regional directors and members from around the world) that for ICCA to deliver its strategic goals, it needs to provide events and services designed to meet the needs of each region which we serve. A one-size-fits-all approach will no longer allow ICCA to grow its global influence. By providing each regional office with the flexibility to adapt its services, in line with the strategic plan, ICCA will deliver enhanced benefits to its members.

ICCA services adapted for each global region
Promoting our industry: Aspiring to excellence

The meetings industry is a business and economic enabler, however we have become too closely associated with pure tourism. We need to define our purpose in language that is understood by governments and policy makers. As ICCA President, I would use my close relationships with the business leaders of other associations including PCMA, AIPC, MPI, DI, UFI, IAPCO and others within JMIC, to promote a common message in support of our industry.

Our own ICCA Congress can become a beacon of excellence and demonstrate how to achieve great event outcomes. We should continually aspire to develop a Congress that showcases the best innovations, networking and education, whilst creating business models to measure return on investment, our sustainability footprint and measurable legacy for the host destination.

ICCA can drive business opportunities now, but has a responsibility to help provide a future-leadership pathway for members at whatever stage of their career. In addition to our Forum for Young Professionals, ICCA can provide continuous education through its events at a global and Chapter level and connect members with their peers and mentors, turning networking into career development and education into practical knowledge.

Importantly, in my time on the Board of Directors, I have been struck by the amazing talents of the ICCA staff and management teams in every office around the world. It is their local knowledge, passion and dedication that should be allowed to flourish and enable ICCA to adapt and thrive in these times of change.

Future Leadership and the ICCA Team

Strategic goals


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